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Heris Persian Carpet

We proudly present the exquisite Blade & Razor Boutique handmade Heris carpets from Iran.

Our carpets are hand-knotted by skilled weavers who bring generations of expertise to their craft. Using the finest materials, they meticulously create intricate designs that reflect the rich heritage of Iranian artistry. From the initial sourcing of wool to the final touches, every step is carried out with precision and care, ensuring each carpet is a unique masterpiece.

The Weaving Effort

Our weavers pour their heart and soul into every rug they create. Each knot is tied with precision, every pattern meticulously crafted, and all materials carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality. The process involves:

  • Sourcing the Best Materials: Only the finest wool and dyes are selected to ensure durability and vibrancy.
  • Hand Dyeing: Traditional dyeing techniques are used to achieve rich, lasting colors.
  • Intricate Weaving: Each rug is hand-knotted, a labor-intensive process that can take months to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the design.
  • Quality Control: Every rug undergoes rigorous quality checks at each stage of production to maintain the highest standards.

By choosing a Blade & Razor Boutique carpet, you are not just purchasing a rug; you are acquiring a piece of art that embodies centuries of tradition and the dedication of master artisans. Experience the timeless beauty and exceptional quality of Blade & Razor Boutique’s handmade luxury carpets today.

HERIS Persian Carpet





Thread: 100% pure cotton

Color: Natural dye

Type of wool: Hand-spun wool

Ordering and Production Process

Production Initiation: Once your order is placed, production begins immediately.
Production Time: The weaving process typically takes 1 to 1.5 month per square meter (m²), reflecting the intricate effort and skill involved.


Payment and Progress Updates

Payment Structure: Payment is made upon the completion of each m² until the entire order is finished.
Progress Proof: Before each phase of payment, we provide proof of progress by sharing images of the work.


Final Payment and Shipping

Final Payment: The final payment is required before shipment.

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